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World Baseball Classic

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Sixteen Countries

World Baseball Classic : Pros & Cons :

As a American baseball fan, one has to wonder what he heck was Bud Selig thinking of when he proposed the concept of the World baseball Classic.

For decades , baseball has been recognized as the "American Pastime", only to find that in the last decade, sports like football and basketball have surpassed it in popularity among American youths.

Abroad it is a different story. The Latino countries now produce the best baseball players in the Major League's, and Japan's finest ball players are now making an impact on America's game.

The concept of a world baseball tournament will be a good thing for the countries abroad, but here in the US, no one cares.

The World Baseball Classic tournament starts the first week in March, four weeks before the start of the Major League baseball season in April.

It isn't even going to be on a major TV

So what does that tell ya?

No one here cares about a exhibition tournament.

What they do care about is the concern of a possible injury to any of the Major leaguers who will play in these exhibition games.

All it is going to take is for some star pitcher to miss any part of the Major league season and then you can classify this classic as a classic failure, never to be heard from again.

The world baseball tournament is good public relations for the other countries. Dominican's , Puerto Ricans, Japanese, all will show great pride in this 16 team tournament.

You see, they love this game.

Its not just an American game anymore being played by other countries. A little boy in Panama will find himself a milk carton and use it as his glove just to play this game.

That's passion.

That was Mariano Rivera.

It use to be that way here in the states. I can easily remember as a little boy , running out of the house each Spring day to play ~ baseball. Didn't matter if it was on a baseball diamond, a open lot, or even in street on concrete, I played. You don't see that anymore. You can't drive down the street and see kids just playing catch ton sharpen their skills. Oh, sure we have little league, and during the warm months of Spring and Summer you find organized leagues playing in the park of your litte town, but it just isn't widespread like it was when I was young. Seems too me that Bud Selig, and Major League baseball should concentrate on promoting what use to be "America's favorite Passtime", here in America. This is the game that was handed down generation to generation of Fathers who shared a bonding with their Sons by way of the game of baseball.

Promote the game here! Let baseball open its advertising and marketing wallet to support Little League in the states.

This tournament does nothing for us Americans.

In New York, where over four and a half million tickets were sold last year, we are looking forward to a new era in baseball as both the Mets, and the Yankees, open up bring new ballparks.

Thats what matters too us.

End of Story~

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