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Sports Betting vs. Casino Gaming: Which provides better value for your gambling money?

When it comes down to it, we probably all have our own reasons for placing the occasional flutter. Be it the thrill of taking a risk, the heart-pounding, stomach-clenching excitement of waiting for the result, or the delight of scooping up a pile of cash, it’s no wonder that having a gamble is becoming an increasingly popular pastime.

Yet though we’re all agreed on the joys of betting, debate rages on among some aficionados as to the better way to play: Placing a stake on a big time sports game and holding on hopefully for the right result whilst watching others play, or heading to our nearest casino and taking a more active role in the game.

It goes without saying that there’s plus-sides to both. If there wasn’t, at least one of those pursuits would have fallen by the wayside a long time go. Though for the sake of throwing our own hat into the ring, we’re offering our own take on the great Sports Betting vs. Casino Gaming debate once and for all.

Prizes and payouts
OK, so there’s more to it than just the money, but to be fair, the real aim of the game is to win your bets and land those cash prizes.

On the whole, it seems bookmakers don’t like to give too much away in the sporting arena, and are far better placed -even more so than casinos- to skewer the odds in their favour. Because of this, prizes are higher in a casino than they are by placing a bet on the next big football

Participant vs. Spectator
As if that wasn’t enough, by saddling up to the roulette wheel or getting involved in a card game, you actually get to do more with your money than you do if you’re merely a spectator at a sports game.

Sure, placing a bet can make even the dullest of contests that little bit more exciting, and if you’re a fan to begin with, backing your team at the bookies can be a fun way to show your faith and loyalty, but at the end of the day, you’re still only standing by and watching.

All the while, whatever excitement you are able to generate by putting money on the game pales in comparison to the adrenaline of taking a proactive part in the game, of really getting stuck in and feeling that, whatever the outcome, it at least had something to do with you and your abilities rather than those belong to some professional sports star.

Any time, anywhere,
From horse racing to the World Series and everything in between, there’s alawys something you can place a bet on if that’s your bag, but then you’re still beholden to the matchmakers as to when you can actually reap the rewards of your bet.

Not so with casinos, many of which are open right around the clock, and that’s before we even mention the web, where you can play your favourite casino games any time you choose, from wherever there’s an internet connection.

So, which one really offers the best value for money, sports betting or casino gaming? If you ask us, it’s a no brainer: Hand us those casino chips over a betting slip any day.

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