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NBA Best bet basketball picks : SPORTS SERVICE

2012-13 NBA record vs spread:

NBA Best Bets:--- 61- 41 NBA PLAYOFF Best Bets: 38 - 19 NBA Best Bets for April: --- 12 - 3 NBA Best Bets for March: --- 2 -2 NBA Best Bets for February:--- 4 - 3

Nickel and up players don't pay up fron fee's at Jim Sneeringer Sports,
Jim as always used a
"Pay after you" policy with his clients.

The best bets that Jim gives out to his clients can be monitored @

These plays are posted 15 minutes after they strt so you, the site visitor, can "monitor the success rae " before yu decided to get started allowing Jim Sneeringer to build your bankroll.


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