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National Football Conference: 2007:


Philadelphia Eagles: On draft day, Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles brain trust concentrated on drafting players that would fit Chip Kelly's system.  They drafted OL who when the ball is ruled dead and the play is over, are already back at the line of scrimmage ready to snap another play.

This is the 2013 Philadelphia Eagles.   Chip Kelly is going to take the no huddle hurry up offense to a new level. Quack ,quack.   Mike Vick gets the nod to run this offense as the starter to open the season, but I expect former Arizona Wildcat qb Nick Foles to settle in as the signal caller for Kelly's up tempo offense.   Kelly is familar with Foles ability to play quarterback when Kelly coached @ Oregon and Fowleswas qb at Arizona, in the PAC 12, (then the PAC 10). The Eagles should have enough playmakers for Vick and Foles to excell in this offense, but expect some growing pains early in the season.   The Eagle defense is the major concern when you try to evaluate how far this team can go in 2013. If the D' can play well, the Eagles can make a serious run thru the playoffs, but getting the defense to play well is a big IF.       STATUS:   Division Contender

Washington Redskins : Despite the excitement in our Nation's Capitol over the skills of RG3, the read option is not the future of the NFL. Good luck keeping RG3 healthy. Between running the read option which exposes the quarterback to being hit constantly, and RG's small frame body, it is simply put, a train wreck waiting to happen, again. The good news is that Washington drafted wisely last season by also taking Michigan States Kirk Cousins in the fourth round. Cousins can play quarterback, and defintely got experience running the offense last year when Griffin was hurt. Cousins will shine at qb in 2013 and that my friends, in this division which doesn't present a powerhouse Superbowl contender, could be enough to win the East. Can the Skins play defense? Like Philadelphia, it remains to be seen.              STATUS: Division contender

New York Giants : When your qb is Eli Manning, and you have targets to throw to such as Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks, good things can happen down field when the Giants attack a defense. However, Eli needs a OL to protect him and I find the 2013 OL of the Giants, suspect at best. Gints would love to reach the Superbowl this year with the game being play @ Met Life Stadium, but to be realistic their are two many key qusetion marks. The defensive front is solid, but there serious issues at the linebacking position.       STATUS Division contender

Dallas Cowboys : Funny, when you evaluate the talent of the starting units of both offense and defense, you can make a good case that the Cowboys have the best talent in this division. Problem here is there is absolutely no dept to speak of , and in this league you must have talent beyond the starting 11 on each side of the ball.

And that brings us to the most important position on any football team, the quarterback. Tony Romo will  never resemble John Unitas.   This guy simply can not win the big game to get the Cowboy's were they want to go, which is a return to the Superbowl.

STATUS: Competitive




North :

Detroit Lions : In this modern age of putting points on the board at all cost, and don't worry about the defense because it don't win championships anyway.....    If you have been drinking that kool aid, you are foolish, because you must play defense in order to make a bigtime run thru the playoffs.

Even the Superbowl Champion Ravens, who did not have a banner year on the defensive side of the ball, played well defensively in their playoff run in 2012.

Offense wins games, puts fans in the seats , but defense win championships.

The Detroit Lions behind Mathew Stafford can score with anyone, but more important is the fact that they have one of the best defensive fronts in football.     A defensive line that can raise havoc and destroy opponents passing schemes.

In 2013 I expect the Lions to finally come of age, and show some discipline.    Something we have not seen from this team in recent years.     STATUS: Division contender

Green Bay Packers : Its understandable why many pick the Packers to reach the Superbowl. Aarron Rodgers runs a offense that seems unstopable at times, and in 2013, this offense, even without a strong running game most likely will continue to light up the scoreboard.

But sooner or later, you need to stop people from scoring, and the Packers just don't get it done on that side of the ball. STATUS: Division contender.

Chicago Bears : Here's the good news........ The Bear defense last year was respectable. They were 8th in passing yards allowed, and also 8th in rushing yards . In 2013 this unit should hold its end of the bargain again although they are starting to show some age.

The bad news..............

When Jay Cutler graduated from Vandy, most expects figured the sky was the limit for this strong arm quarterback, but in this League , one has to mature between the ears in order to succeed at quarterback. In 2012 the Bears were 29th in the league in passing yards. Enough said. STATUS: Bulls & Blackhawks season's start soon!

Minnesota Vikings :It is a pure joy watching Adrian Peterson run the football. In 2013 Iam sure there will be plenty of amazing highlights of this future Hall of Famer running the football. Unfortunately for the Vikes, the quarterback is the most important position on the football field, and you have to ponder what the Vikings are looking to acheive . Last year Christian Ponder's offense finished 31st in passing yards. On defense it was a slightly better situation as the artist a long time ago known as the "Purple People Eaters" ranked 24th in passing yards allowed. STATUS: There's a quarteback in next year's draft on your board with potential.





South :

Tampa Bay Buccaneers :    In 2012, former Rutgers HC Greg Schiano took over the helm of the Tampa Bay and the Bucs at times look like a team with potential.   The offense has weapons that can break a game wide open,  lead by wide out Vincent Jackson , and a trigger man at quaerterback in Josh Freeman that can get the ball to his playmakers.    Freeman did make his share of mistakes during the 2012 campaign and must make better decisions moving forward.    Overall the Tampa Bay Buc's have proven that their offense is with out a doubt, quite explosive.

Defense was another story.   Against the run Tampa was solid only giving up a average of 82.5 yards per game, tops in the NFL.    However, against the pass Tampa Bay finished dead last, giving up a generous 297 yards per game.     In order for this team to move forward, something had to be done to sure up a weak pass defense.    The transformation of the Buccaneer pass defense starts with the signing of Darelle Revis.    Revis is the #1 shut down corner in the business.     When you can eliminate your opponents big play receiver, take him completely out of the game ,   your pass coverage imediately becomes much more respectable.

In 2013, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers can become a NFC force to be reckon with providing their qb, Freeman can cut down his mistakes and make better reads from pocket.   STATUS: yes, a Superbowl contender.

Atlanta Falcons : This is a franchise that is absolutely on the verge.....

Last year the Falcons lost a heartbreaker just missing the opertunity to reach the Superbowl.  

Now, we know how explosive the Atlanta passing attack is, lead by Matt Ryan, despite a weak ground game that ranked 29th in rushing yards.    This year the Falcons add veteran ball carrier Steven Jackson. A smart move. Jackson is not the work horse he once was, but here he doesn't need to be. Just go out and get the tough short yards, and explode for big yardage when the defense is trying to zero in on one of the league's top passing attacks.

In order to reach the Superbowl Atlanta had to address its defensive which ranked 23 in passing yards allowed and 21st in rushing yardage. They did so in the draft. Atlanta with the 22nd pick in the NFL draft took University of Washington standout corner Desmond Trufant, With 28th pick they took SE Louisiana's defensive back, Robert Alford. They continued to address defensive weakness's by taking Clemson's defensive end , Mallicial Goodman with the 30th pick on the board. This defense , with the effort made on draft day, will no longer be a liability. Sure, there will be some growing pains early on, but expect this unit to be quite respectable as the season progress's. STATUS : Superbowl contender.

New Orleans Saints : If you come from this new school of thought that as long as you can throw and score, you don't have to worry about defense, than lets pencil in the Saints for a deep post season run.

Now realisticly, yes, Drew Brees lead the NFL #1 passing attack, but lets look at the defensive side of the ball.

Second to last vs the pass, dead last vs the run. Good news is the Saints with the 15th player taken in the April draft selected safety Kenny Vaccaro. Eventually this will improve the NFL's weakest defense. STATUS: competitive

Carolina Panthers : Although I have the Panthers picked last in this four team competive division, Carolina is by no stretch, a easy game. Carolina on defense , very respectable. They finished 13th vs the pass, and 14th vs the run. They have a very exciting qb who can make things happen, but they have no playmakers except a now aging Steven Smith. If this team had some weapons on offense, they would be scary. But they don't. STATUS: competitive




Seattle Seahawks~ Last year I thought Seattle was a good team who took advantage of a easy division schedule. Hawks proved me wrong in the post season as they emerged as the Conference best.
This year Seattle will again win this division, but it will not be the cake walk it was last year, thus, getting homefield advantage will not be that easy.

Arizona Cardinals~ Key question will be in 2006, how well will the Cardinal defense play?
With the drafting in recent years on the defensive side of the ball, the answer should be , well enough to compete. Arizona adds Edgerin James to run the ball, to compliment a strong passing attack. Kurt Warner has plenty of weapons to work the ball up and down the field. Drafting TE Leonard Pope out of Georgia is going to make this organization look very good. Pope is a hugh target at tightend. His size and ability is going to gve defenses fits.
Matt Leinart was the 10th player drafted in April, Leinart is talented enough to take over this football team in 2006, should Kurt Warner get injured. Cardinals in 2006 are headed for post season play.

San Francisco 49ers~ I am convinced that the San Francisco 49ers are rebuilding this football franchise successfully by way of the draft the past few years. This year, that improvement will lead to a better won-lost record. Improvement made for 2006 will not be earth shaking, but like I said, this franchise is headed in the right direction. Norv Turner will get good results on offense, and Turner will help shape Alex Smith into a fine pro quarterback. No cellar this year for the 49ers.

St Louis Rams~ Sometimes you have to take a step backwards in order to improve, such is the case of the 2006 Rams. There are plenty of new faces on defense, and rightfully so. Rams defense was a outright joke in 2005. It will take time for this defense to blend well and perform as a unit, but look for defense to show improvement by time the second half of the season rolls around.

Look for these teams to be playoff bound from the NFC.

N.Y. Giants

Superbowl bound~ Carolina Panthers

American Football Conference


New England Patriots~ In 2005, Bill Belichick had to mix & match just to put a lineup on the field, most weeks. Injuries definitely played a key role in preperation from week to week.
Still, New England was able to survive the regular season, finishing with a 10-6 record, before whipping Jacksonville 28-3 in the first round of the playoffs, and then losing @ Mile High stadium to the Denver.
New England in the off season made many changes.
Gone are David Givens, Willie McGinest, Tyrone Poole, Tim Dwight, Christian Fauria, and yes, ~ Adam Vinatieri. For a organization that has won three of the last five Superbowls, it must be said that the Patriots are not just laying back shinning their Superbowl trophies.
Tebucky Jones has been brought in to sure up the defensive backfield in 2006.
Pats on draft day set the tone for the upcoming season by drafting Minnesota runningback Laurence Maroney. Pats plan own dictating tempo this year. They will look to establish the run with Maroney. From what we have seen in camp and preseason, this could be the best ground attack that Bill Belichick has ever had in New England. The Pats, once they get you to play run, will take full advantage, and Tom Brady will hve much success throwing the ball down field. With their second pick, New England drafted Chad Jackson, WR , Florida.
Just another weapon for Tom Brady to hook up with.
New England of coarse, will not have the difficult schedule in 2006, that they have played in recent years. In fact, when I compare New England's schedule to the other serious contenders in the AFC, it is easy to see the Pats winning the division, and erning a first round bye.

Miami Dophins~ Nick Saban and the Dophins are now most "experts" choice to be the team to beat in 2006. Quarterback problems are solved with the signing of Daunte Culpepper. Ron Brown is now the #1 back as the fish part ways with Ricky Williams.
I agree tht Nick Saban is headed for major success on this level. Miami's future is bright, and in 2006, I expect the Dolphins to be playoff bound, but do you really believe that Daunte Culpepper is going to make the big play in post season against the elite competition found in the AFC? I don't.
In fact, I have been more impressed with the progress made by Joey Harrington, who comes over from Detroit. Perhaps the change is just what Harrington needed. Time will tell.
Look for the fish to have a very good season, but don't expect any games in January.

Buffalo Bills~ Marv Levy is now in the front office, Dick Jauron takes over as head coach.
Draft day saw Buffalo concentrate their efforts on defense. Needs in the secondary were addressed with the drafting of Donte Whitner, the #8 player taken in the draft from Ohio State. With the #26 pick the Bills took John McCargo, DT, NC State. Next, Buffalo grabbed Ohio State's Ashton Youboty, Ko Simpson, South Carolina, both DB's. In fact, Buffalo drafted defense with six out of their first eight picks. This is going to set the ground work for a talented defense that will be schooled alot early in 2006, but will prosper in the long run as this defense grows together.
Don't expect much this year, but the Bills have the right blueprint for a successful future.

New York Jets~ Eric Mangini is definitely the right man to take over the Jets, who are in a rebuilding mode, and shape this team the way he see's fit from the grond floor up. In 2006, this team has no offensive weapons to fear.
The Jets with the fourth player taken in the NFL draft grabbed D'Brickshaw Ferguson, DT , out of Virginia, to anchor the Jets O-Line for years to come. Nick Mangold, center, from the Ohio State university, was the Jets next draft day choice. Jets also drafted defense with later picks. Mangini is laying the foundation for the future for a team that hasn't had a taste of glory since the NFL set up their only Superbowl moment in 1968-9, which gave the AFL credibility, leading to the merger of both leagues.
Their will be no glory in 2006, but Rome wasn't built in one day, and the Jets will not be built in one season.


Baltimore Ravens~ Baltimore coach Brian Billick gave former Cal quarterback, Kyle Boller, plenty of time to establish himself as this teams quarterback & leader, but, now the sand has run out on young Mr. Boller's hourgass, for the Raven, is hungry.
Steve McNair is now the new gunslinger in town. He is joined by his posse', already saddled up and ready to ride lead by a old friend, Derrick Mason, who is now joined by a desperado from the Arizona territory, TE Todd Heap, and a swift young lad from the Bayou country, Mark Clayton.
Defenses better get out of Dodge, Deadwood, and Baltimore by sundown.
Mike Armstrong comes ridding into town from the Rocky mountains to give support and balance to a already well respected ground game which features Jamal Lewis.
Ray Lewis is still the Law in these parts, his deputies, Ed Reed, Chris McAlister, and Terell Suggs, will be joined by newly deputized lawman , Trevor Price, who will be giving out badges to some new recruits taken in April's draft. From the Oregon trail, the #12th player drafted, Haloti Ngata DT, will help enforce the law at the line of scrimmage.
When the stagecoach leaves for Miami in January, its the Baltimore Ravens who will be sitting tall in the saddle on the trail to the Superbowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers~ Its tough to repeat. Its a different animal of hunger that requires the intensity needed to win back to back Championships.
With this offense losing the likes of Jerome Bettis, and Antwaan Randle El, I believe repeating is going to be very difficult for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Roethlisberger is completely healed and ready to show everyone he is back and all is well, but with less weapons, and a tougher schedule, it isn't going to happen. Playoffs? Most likely.

Cincinnati Bengals~ I do not question the health status of Carlson Palmer . Without Palmer, should he not be able to play, the offense is in the hands of Anthony Wright. Ouch! But from what we have seen so far in preseason, Palmer looks like he will be alright to go.
Bengals will sneak up on nobody this year, and the schedule is not the creampuff they played last year. A winning year in 2006 for the Bengals, but overall its a step backward from last years success.

Cleveland Browns~ Romeo Crennel has now handed to quarterback duties over to Charlie Frye, now in his second year. Frye will be a very successful quarterback at this level, bt in 2006, expect growing pains.
The Browns did bring in some veterans this year who have won in the past. The likes of Willie McGinest, Ted Washington, LeCharles Bentley, Kevin Shaffer, and Joe Jurevicius, will have a positive impact on a young growing team that just might surprise fans this year. The Browns play in the toughest division in the League, thus, we pick them to finish fourth, but beware, usually when you are wise enough to bring aboard experience talent that was won before, good things happen rather quickly.

Indianapolis Colts~ Is this Peyton Manning's year?
There comes a point in time when you just have to realize that as talented as Peyton Manning is, he can not win in the big pressure games.
Peyton, is the Alex Rodriguez of football.
It would not shock me to see younger brother Eli get a ring before Peyton does.
One great move the Colt front office made was to say goodbye to kicker Mike Vanderjagt! This guy nailed 50 yard field goals during the season, then also did the A-rod shuffle in post season. He is replaced by the best pressure place-kicker on the planet, Adam Vinatieri.
Indy will win this division again, but reaching the Superbowl is something this best bet sports handicapper, is not counting on.

Houston Texans ! Pay close attention....
The Houston Texans will at worst, finish 8-8 in 2006.
David Carr is the most underated QB in the game.
Carr has had to work behind the weakest offensive line protection known to man ever since he took the helm of this football team.
In 2006, this O-Line will be improved. Texans drafted two tackles, Charles Spencer, and Eric Winston. Kubiak brings in veteran center Mike Flanagan, from Green Bay to help bolster the line.
Good things will happen for the Texans in 2006, and remember you read it HERE. Don't be surprised if the young defense plays well enough for this football team to finish with a winning record and a playoff road game!

Jacksonville Jaguars~ If you are still going to make Fred Taylor your focus point of this offense , then wake me up when the next game comes on.
Byron Leftwich is the solid leader I thought he would be but I must confess..... He moves to slow. This is not good whe you go up against the leagues top defensive units.
The defense is solid, and they hit hard. Some key draft day decisions will help keep this unit playing on top level for yeas to come.
In order for Jacksonville to reach the next level, they will have to open up this offense. Don't see it happening this year.

Tennessee Titans~ Tennessee used the #3 pick in this yeas draft, to get another college QB who thinks with his feet first. When are we going to learn? This puts the direction of this football franchise on the wrong road.
Keeping McNair, and using the third overall pick in the draft to take someone like Reggie Bush, would have been the wise.

Denver Broncos~ Once all the veterans were in camp, seems it didn't take coach Mike Shanahan long to make the announcement that Tatum Brown will enter the 2006 season as the Denver Broncos #1 tailback. Shanahan and the Broncos let Mike Armstrong move on to Baltimore because they like what they see in Tatum Brown. Nobody in the NFL has the success with zone blocking schemes, like the Denver Broncos.
No matter who carries the ball they pick up chunks of yardage on the ground. Even Ron Dayne looks good in Denvers backfield.
So if Mike Shanahan was so eager to proclaim Brown as his starting runningback, then that tells me that the man is excited about what his ground attack can accomplish in 2006.
After watching Jake "mistake" Plummer perform in the post season last year, I am convinced that his days of being Denvers starting quarterback are numbered. Broncos drafted Jay Cutler out of Vanderbilt.
Make note of this......
Jay Cutler is the real deal.
Besides a good arm, Jay has it going on between his ears. Like Ben Roethlisberger, Cutler is capable of stepping into this system in his first year, and never look back. I believe he will get that chance.
The defense played well in 2005, and look for them to play well again, even with the departure of Trevor Pryce.
The Broncos once again will be a tough out when we get to the post season. Don't expect a rookie, even one as good as Cutler, to lead the Broncos to the Superbowl in his first year. Next year, perhaps.

San Diego Chargers~ Phillip Rivers finally will take over at quarterback as Drew Brees moves on to New Orleans. Rivers has enough going on upstairs to react to the speed that he will see on this level. Rivers mechanics are suspect, his progress will not be a overnight success.
Look for Rivers and the Chargers, to go thru some growing pains early on this year.
The Chargers will get hot in the second half of the season and make a strong run for the playoffs. I expect them to fall short.

Kansas City Chiefs~ Herman Edwards is now the new coach of the Chiefs. Edwards they will find, is a great motivator who will get the Chiefs to play well as a unit. As a gameday coach.....Ouch!
Chiefs made little changes, which means they still have one of the leagues worst defenses.

Oakland Raiders~ Is Al Davis still calling the shots in Oakland?
Was it Al decision to bring Randy Moss aboard?
Since Randy only seems to run "free lance patterns", and can not really fit into this system, I was wondering....
Was it Al's choice to grab Aaron Brooks to play quarterback?
If the answer is yes to both questions, then it is time to break out the ducktape, and cast Al Davis deep into the black hole.
Getting Art Shell to coach this team was the only smart off-season move that the "Raiders of the lost ark" have made.
Expect these teams to be AFC Playoff bound.

New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravens
Denver Broncos
Miami Dolphins
Houston Texans


Carolina Panthers
Baltimore Ravens
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