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Here at, we are receiving many letters. Many of you are writing and asking questions about Sports betting, Sports handicapping, my Sports service, gambling, gambling online, and Sports in general. We decided it would be good to post your questions. I will do my best to answer each one for you. Only serious letters. No profanity. Only your question, first name and town will be displayed here. If you would like to write to the Sports handicapper, now is your chance here in the gambling forum.


Your letters....

Your MAC predictions

FYI on your MAC prediction that Ball State will win the MAC East division this year. Ball State is in the MAC West.
And with Toledo and NIU already in great shape, and Central and Western Michigan improving vastly last year, I'll give you 10-1 odds that Ball State will not win the MAC West this year.
Wheaton, ILL
Go Huskies!!!

Thank you for your FYI,
That being the case , it would b difficult to beat out TOLEDO , the class of the league.
However, the important thing to me is that BALL STATE will be the most improved team in the league, and my clients , at my say so, have a big advantage over the odds makers when I say "LETS PULL THE TRIGGER TODAY ON BALL STATE."

Huskies will have a down year, but keep rooting, thy have been a solid MAC team for years.
I will make adjustments to my overall predictions on Mac, on Monday.

Thank you for your help.
I will post your comments in our forum, for others to read

If I bet on a team favored by 3.5 pts and they win in overtime by 7 pts, do I win the bet or do I lose because they were tied at the end of regular play? Does everybody have the same rules or does it change if I make the bet in Vegas or online?
Thanks guys,
-New gambling man

No matter where you place your bet, online, offshore, in Vegas, or even with "Vito" in the bar around the corner, you are a winner. Bets are determined by the final score and not by the tie at the end of regulation. And that holds true for all Sports , not just College basketball.


I don't believe you made any of these predictions that you claim to make. You Sports handicappers are all frauds !!!!

Get a life !!!!!!!!

Boston, Mass

Tim , you probally have had some bad experiences with some of the so-called handicappers, so I will say this too you.
READ! Read SPORTS BETTING, thats my homepage. Read how I conduct business here.
READ how before you consider being a cleint of mine that we strongly suggest you monitor my best bets . I go thru the trouble every single day, to post my plays shortly after the game starts, so you can follow the succe$$ of my best bets! It gives you a chance to see for yourself, you don't have to believe in the numbers that you see here! Follow the best bets and their success. Do you value the money that you wager? Then don't be lazy! I go thru the bother to post these plays. If a game that I have a best bet on is going to start at seven at nite, is it to much work for you to come here at at 7:15 and go down about half of the page to my "MONTOR THE SUCCE$$" java display and follow the selections I make?
I hope you take my advice. You can visit this site in the afternoon and you will find out our matchups. Then come back after the game starts and you will see who we gave out to our clients. Then, dude, you can decide for yourself.
Mr Sneeringer,

I read your Sports bettng articles from time to time, and I came across your forum page so I decided to write you because I saw a article on your homepage a couple of months ago when the COLTS were undefeated and seem like a "sure thing" to go undefeated. You said in your article at the time that the Colts would not go undefeated, and that the would not even reach the Superbowl!
Your predictions are un-real! You the man!
You ARE the Nostradmeaus of Sports! Great job man!

Jacksonville, FLA

Thanks George, and thanks for being a site visitor, hope you ca$hed in on that info. If you visit on a regular basis you will get helpful predictions like that often.

I have read many College football previews but you are the ONLY person who predicted Penn State to rise again and be a major power! You even mentioned in your August preview that Penn state and Joe Paterno, would be the "feel good" story of the year in College football! Great job! You called that shot. You even mentioned in your preview to watch out for the Wolfpack of Nevada Reno, which is the local College team here. I am glad nobody in the Coaches office at Fresno State read your article, because they were not ready for the ambush of wolves waitng for them here in Reno.

Your the best - man!
Keep up the good work!

Thanks Eric. I don't understand how everyone missed the boat with Penn State, Paterno defense comng into this season was awsome. Michael Robinson reminded me of another College quarterback that I was high on years ago, ~ Major Harris. We were on the West Virginia band wagon in those days too.
I am happy for JOPA! I guess this proves that the man isn't to old for the game.
Mr. Handicapper,

Since the start of the football season, I have been following your football best bets. You struggled alot in October with your NFL plays, I purchased a couple of plays in October , early November, both plays were losers. Soon after, you got hot in your NFL plays so I decided to try your Best Bets again. Well, I am glad I gave it another shot because you have won me 7 out of my last 8 Pro football bets !!! Keep up the good work !

Boston, Mass.

Well, Good job on your behalf, Jack! I DID struggle in October. It was wise of you to come back aboard when my Best Bets started producing in Pro Football. There is no reason why we can not finish the year strong. Big Jack, don't forget College basketball ! Here in December we are starting to click on all eight cylinders, just as I expected.
To Jim
After watchng the COLTS demolish Pittsburgh, do you still think their defense stinks?

Nashville, Tenn.

I really thought the Steelers would man-handle the Colts on Monday, I say man-handle because Pittsburgh is a physical team that could give the Colts problems. I was very impressed with the Colt defense Monday, the played great. Everytime I turned around, I had to make a good note on a defensive play that was made by Indy, and not the obvious ones that stick out, but plays made not around the ball. If this defense continue's to play this well , then there will be no stopping them, but you have to ask yourself, can that defense continue to play that well?
Sports handicapper-

I have been a frequent visitor of your site for the past three weeks. I like the idea that I can monitor your best bets. You were doing pretty well up until about a week ago but now you seem to be in a slump, especially in college football. Why would you even bother to list your losers on your page when you are in such a slump? I can not see how anyone would want to purchase your plays when they can read that you were for example, 1-4 in college football the day before! WHY LIST ALL THESE LOSERS?????


What you see on these pages is the reality of the game, William. No matter how successful I may be at picking winners, you will always go thru a rough spell during the coarse of a handicapping year. It is good that you have seen the winning and the losing. Most gamblers seek long term success, and I hope that even though you have seen too many losers posted here in November, that you see what can be gained in the long run.
Besides, it may be bad for business at the moment, but here you know that win or lose, the results get posted.
Mr. Jim

I have been to many handicapping sites and I think you know what you are talking about, you sure seem to know your sports, but I must be honest with you, I think you charge too much money for your picks! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS! I bet two hundred most of the time, how the heck can I afford to pay one hundred if I am only betting two hundred?

Falls Church, VA

David, your question is a fair one, in fact, your question is most likely asked by a lot of visitors. This site, is not looking to bring clients to Jim Sneeringer Sports. ~ Unless, your are the kind of gambler who plays FIVE HUNDRED A GAME or MORE. By five hundred and up, we don't mean you bet $500 and sit there in front of the TV and end up having half your nails bitten off before halftime. No , no, you must be a COMFORTABLE $500 and up player to fit the profile of our regular client. It is good to here you say David that you are a 200 a game player, instead of someone who bets over their heads. Only play with what you can afford. But even though you are not the type of player that will become a clent here, you are welcome to visit here often and read my material, it will improve your sports betting skills. Afterall, this is your gamblers sportspage.
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